Moored current meter, AVHRR, CTD, and drifter data from the Agulhas Current and Retroflexion region (1985-1987) Volume XLII

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Luyten, James R.
Spencer, A.
Tarbell, Susan A.
Luetkemeyer, Kelly
Flament, P.
Toole, John M.
Francis, M.
Bennett, Sara L.
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Agulhas Current
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Ocean temperature
Thomas Washington (Ship) Cruise Marathon Legs 11/1
Discovery (Ship) Cruise 165a
Data are presented from an experiment designed to explore the spatial and temporal structure of the Agulhas Current and Retroflexion by direct means. Included are the current meter results from 10 moorings in the Retroflexion region, CTD stations occupied on the deployment cruise in 1985, data from satellite tracked (ARGOS) freely during surface buoys and numerous images of the sea surface temperature.
Stored in the Archives of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the floppy disk on which can be found the one-day average currents, the path of the Agulhas Current, CTD stations in "Live Atlas" format, SST frontal analyses (Chassignet and Olson, personal communcation) as well as programs written in QuickBASIC which allow one to access and display these observations. The programs are stored in ASCII and can be run under the Microsoft QuickBasic (Version 4.0 or higher). Instructions for running the programs can be found in a file entitled "" on the disk.
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Luyten, J., Spencer, A., Tarbell, S., Luetkmeyer, K., Flament, P., Toole, J., Francis, M., & Bennett, S. (1990). Moored current meter, AVHRR, CTD, and drifter data from the Agulhas Current and retroflexion region (1985-1987) Volume XLII. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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