Preliminary acoustic and oceanographic observations from the ASIAEX 2001 South China Sea Experiment

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Newhall, Arthur E.
Costello, Lawrence
Duda, Timothy F.
Dunn, James M.
Gawarkiewicz, Glen G.
Irish, James D.
Kemp, John N.
McPhee, Neil M.
Liberatore, Stephen P.
Lynch, James F.
Ostrom, William M.
Schroeder, Ted
Trask, Richard P.
von der Heydt, Keith
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South China Sea
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Shallow water acoustics
ASIA EX/South China Sea
Coastal oceanography
Ocean Researcher 1 (Ship) Cruise 609
Ocean Researcher 1 (Ship) Cruise 610
Ocean Researcher 1 (Ship) Cruise 611
Ocean Researcher 3 (Ship) Cruise 651
The Asian Seas International Experiment (ASIAEX) was a very successful scientific collaboration between the United States of America (USA), the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan (ROC), the Republic of Korea (ROK), Japan, Russia, and Singapore. Preliminary field experiments associated with ASIAEX began in spring of 2000. The main experiments were performed in April-August, 2001. The scientific plan called for two major acoustics experiments, the first a bottom interaction experiment in the East China Sea (ECS) and the second a volume interaction experiment in the South China Sea (SCS). In addition to the acoustics efforts, there were also extremely strong physical oceanography and geology and geophysics components to the experiments. This report will concentrate on describing the moored component of the South China Sea portion of ASIAEX 2001 performed from the Taiwan Fisheries research vessel FR1 (Fisheries Researcher 1). Information on the environmental moorings deployed from the Taiwanese oceanographic research vessel OR1 (Oceanographic Researcher 1) will also be listed here for completeness, so that the reader can pursue later analyses of the data. This report does not pursue any data analyses per se.
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Newhall, A., Costello, L., Duda, T., Dunn, J., Gawarkiewicz, G., Irish, J., Kemp, J., McPhee, N., Liberatore, S., Lynch, J., Ostrom, W., Schroeder, T., Trask, R., & von der Heydt, K. (2001). Preliminary acoustic and oceanographic observations from the ASIAEX 2001 South China Sea Experiment. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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