Integrated seawater sampler and data acquisition system prototype : final report

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Berteaux, Henri O.
Eck, Calvert F.
Irish, James D.
Jenkins, William J.
Kery, Sean M.
Albro, Carl S.
McDowell, S.
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Seawater sampler
Shipboard profiing system
Chemical free sample bags
This report documents the work performed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the Battelle Memorial Institute from August 1988 to December 1992 in the NSF sponsored development of an Integrated Seawater Sampler and Data Acquisition Prototype. After a 6-month initial design study, a prototype underwater profiing unit was designed and constructed, containing the water acquisition subsystem, CTD and altimeter, control circuitry and batteries. A standard WHOI CTD was adapted for use in the underwater unit and was interfaced to the underwater controller which had a telemetry module connecting ít with a deck control unit. This enabled CTD data to be logged in normal fashion on shipboard while additional commands and diagnostics were sent over the telemetry link to command the underwater unit's water sampling process and receive diagnostic information on system performance. The water sampling subsystem consisted of 36 trays, each containing a plastic sample bag, the pump and control circuitry. The sample bags, initially sealed in a chemically clean environment, were opened by pumping the water out of the tray, thus forcing water into the bag by ambient pressure. The command system could select any bag, and control the water sampling procss from the surface with diagnostic information on system altitude, depth, orientation and cable tension displayed in real time for operator information. At sea tests confirmed the operation of the electrical and control system. Problems were encountered with the bags and seals which were partially solved by further post cruise efforts. However, the bag closing mechanism requires further development, and numerous small system improvements identified during the cruises need to be implemented to produce an operational water sampler. Finally, initial design tor a water sampler handling and storage unit and water extraction system were developed but not implemented. The detailed discussion of the prototype water sampler design, testing and evaluation, and new bag testing result are presented.
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Berteaux, H. O., Eck, C., Irish, J., Jenkins, W., Kery, S., Albro, C., & McDowell, S. (1993). Integrated seawater sampler and data acquisition system prototype: final report. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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