Marine fouling and its prevention ; prepared for Bureau of Ships, Navy Dept.

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From the Preface: This monograph is the outcome of investigations made by the staff of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for the Bureau of Ships, Navy Department, during the years 1940-1946. Although rapid progress in the improvement of antifouling paints was being made by the Navy paint laboratories at the time the work was initiated, it was the belief of the Bureau that scientific knowledge of the fouling process, and of the way in which protective coatings acted, was inadequate. We were consequently instructed to explore the fundamental basis on which preventive techniques must rest, rather than to attempt directly to improve existing paint formulations. At the same time every opportunity was afforded to our staff to become familiar with current problems and the means being employed to solve them. On the termination of the work it has seemed desirable to collect the results of our experience and to review them in relation to the total existing knowledge of the subject.
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