This collection represents presentations made by members of the staff of the MBLWHOI Library or at the behest of the Library, and articles authored by members of the Library staff.

Recent Submissions

  • Choosing open access licensing when publishing 

    Roth, Deborah J. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2020-10-21)
    When filling out the publication agreement forms for a manuscript to be published what license should I choose? Studies continue to show favorable impact of Open Access on the scholarly literature through increased ...
  • MBLWHOI Library’s institutional repository stewardship responsibility 

    Roth, Deborah J.; Raymond, Lisa (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2020-12-03)
    The MBLWHOI Library’s Institutional Repository (IR) is a CoreTrustSeal certified repository. We chose to go through this process to demonstrate our commitment to quality stewardship and to be a trusted option for our ...
  • Data Science Training Camp at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Syllabus and slide presentations in 2020 

    Beaulieu, Stace E.; Raymond, Lisa; Mickle, Audrey; Futrelle, Joe; Symmonds, Nick; Mazzoli, Roberta; Brey, Rich; Kinkade, Danie; Rauch, Shannon (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2020-08-21)
    With data and software increasingly recognized as scholarly research products, and aiming towards open science and reproducibility, it is imperative for today's oceanographers to learn foundational practices and skills for ...
  • MBLWHOI Library Banner 

    Batyuk, Kirill 𝐵𝑎𝑡𝑦𝑢𝑘, 𝐾𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙 (2019-09)
  • MBLWHOI LIBRARY Recommendation for Webinar Series 

    Corlett, Rebecca S. (2018-12-14)
    This report was completed for a graduate level class at Syracuse University entitled IST 613 Library Planning, Marketing, and Assessment. This report was completed in partnership with Lisa Raymond and Jennifer Walton, ...
  • Advancing Open Source, Linked Data Solutions for Cross-Repository Discovery and Collaboration 

    Raymond, Lisa; Mickle, Audrey (2016-05)
    The MBLWHOI Library collaborated in multi-year NSF EarthCube funded projects, applying semantic technologies to enable knowledge discovery, sharing, and integration
  • Using linked open data to search across geoscience repositories [poster] 

    Raymond, Lisa; Mickle, Audrey (2017-10)
    The MBLWHOI Library collaborated in multi-year NSF EarthCube funded projects, applying semantic technologies to enable knowledge discovery, sharing, and integration
  • Leveraging the GeoLink Knowledge Base for Cruise Information 

    Mickle, Audrey; Fils, Douglas; Shepherd, Adam (Federation of Earth Science Information Partners, 2016-12-21)
    Open Linked Data (LOD) is providing an excellent opportunity for repositories, libraries, and archives to expand the use of their holdings and advance the work of researchers. The implementation of the GeoLink Knowledgebase ...
  • Getting Started with Data Management & DMPTool at WHOI 

    Mickle, Audrey (2017-01-25)
    Introduction to DMP Tool for WHOI staff given on January 26th, 2017. Presentation adapted from
  • Open Access : the Power of One (or, how one individual moved an institution toward adopting an open access policy) 

    Manning, Cara C. (2016-10-25)
    A presentation and discussion on the ongoing process to elevate open access in Woods Hole, sponsored by the MBLWHOI Library in observance of International Open Access week. Presented 25 October 2016 at the Smith Lab, Woods ...
  • Key components of data publishing : using current best practices to develop a reference model for data publishing 

    Austin, Claire C; Bloom, Theodora; Dallmeier-Tiessen, Sunje; Khodiyar, Varsha; Murphy, Fiona; Nurnberger, Amy; Raymond, Lisa; Stockhause, Martina; Tedds, Jonathan; Vardigan, Mary; Whyte, Angus (2015-12-04)
    Availability of workflows for data publishing could have an enormous impact on researchers, research practices and publishing paradigms, as well as on funding strategies and career and research evaluations. We present the ...
  • Ocean data publication cookbook 

    Leadbetter, Adam; Raymond, Lisa; Chandler, Cynthia L.; Pikula, Linda; Pissierssens, Peter; Urban, Edward (UNESCO, 2013)
    Executive summary: This “Cookbook” has been written for data managers and librarians who are interested in assigning a permanent identifier to a dataset for the purposes of publishing that dataset online and for the citation ...
  • No Repository is an Island: Putting the WHOAS community repository in a geoscience context [poster] 

    Mickle, Audrey (E-Science Symposium, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2016-04-06)
    The MBLWHOI Library is partner in the NSF-funded EarthCube building block, GeoLink, whose goal is to push the boundaries of semantic technology in cross-repository discovery within the geosciences field. GeoLink has created ...
  • Publishing returns to the Academy 

    Goldstone, Heather M. H.; Skomal, Susan; Markie, Michael; Brand, Amy; Gray, Joshua P. (MBLWHOI Library, 2015-10-23)
    Panel and audience conversations about exploring some of the new models through which science publishing can evolve, empowering researchers and the research community to have more critical input in the publishing process
  • Facilitating open exchange of data and information 

    Gallagher, James; Orcutt, John A.; Simpson, Pauline; Wright, Dawn J.; Pearlman, Jay; Raymond, Lisa (2014-09-22)
    By broad consensus, Open Data presents great value. However, beyond that simple statement, there are a number of complex, and sometimes contentious, issues that the science community must address. In this review, we ...
  • Collaborative research : EarthCube building blocks, leveraging semantics and linked data for geoscience data sharing and discovery, OceanLink 

    Wiebe, Peter H.; Chandler, Cynthia L.; Raymond, Lisa; Shepherd, Adam; Finin, Tim; Narock, Tom; Arko, Robert A.; Carbotte, Suzanne M.; Hitzler, Pascal; Cheatham, Michelle; Krisnadhi, Adila (2013-10-28)
    The OceanLink EarthCube project will apply state-of-the-art Semantic Web Technologies to support data representation, discovery, analysis, sharing, and integration of datasets from the global oceans, and related resources ...
  • Report of the Research Coordination Network RCN : OceanObsNetwork, facilitating open exchange of data and information 

    Gallagher, James; Orcutt, John A.; Pissierssens, Peter; Raymond, Lisa; Simpson, Pauline (NSF/Ocean Research Coordination Network, 2013-05)
    The OceanObsNetwork goals and objectives are to foster a broad, multi-disciplinary dialogue, enabling more effective use of sustained ocean observatories and observing systems. To achieve these, the activities for the RCN ...
  • Envisioning the future of science libraries at academic research institutions : a discussion 

    Feltes, Carol; Gibson, Donna S.; Miller, Holly; Norton, Cathy N.; Pollock, Ludmila (2012-12-20)
    A group of librarians, other information professionals, scientists and research administrators met to discuss the challenges that research libraries are currently facing. After the meeting a survey was conducted to obtain ...
  • Pilot projects for publishing and citing ocean data 

    Urban, Edward; Leadbetter, Adam; Moncoiffe, Gwenaelle; Pissierssens, Peter; Raymond, Lisa; Pikula, Linda (American Geophysical Union, 2012-10-23)
    In the ocean sciences, a project was started in 2008 to bring together scientists, data managers, and library experts to explore means to (1) increase the submission of data to data centers, (2) make data more accessible ...
  • The vascular flora of Falmouth (Barnstable County) Massachusetts 

    Backus, Richard H.; Polloni, Pamela T. (2012-07)
    With a few exceptions, the species on this list of Falmouth vascular plants are substantiated by herbarium sheets, most of which are in the MBLWHOI Library Herbarium (SPWH). We invite improvements to the list by the ...

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