Coastal mixing and optics experiment : mooring deployment cruise report R/V Oceanus cruise number 284 31 July-11 August 1996

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Galbraith, Nancy R.
Ostrom, William M.
Way, Bryan S.
Lentz, Steven J.
Anderson, Steven P.
Baumgartner, Mark F.
Plueddemann, Albert J.
Edson, James B.
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Mid-Atlantic Bight
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North Atlantic
Moored instrument measurements
Oceanus (Ship : 1975-) Cruise OC284
Coastal Mixing and Optics (CMO) Experiment
An array of moorings at four sites at a mid-shelf location in the mid-Atlantic Bight was deployed for a period of 10 months beginning in August 1996 as part of the Coastal Mixing and Optics Experiment (CMO), funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The purpose of this array is to gather information to help identify and understand the vertical mixing processes influencing the evolution of the stratification over the shelf. The observations from this moored array will be used to investigate changes in the stratification in response to atmospheric forcing, surface gravity wave variabilty, surface and bottom boundary layer mixing, current shear, internal waves, and advection. This report describes the primary mooring deployments carried out by the Upper Ocean Processes (UOP) Group on the R/V Oceanus, sailing out of Woods Hole during July, August, and September of 1996.
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Galbraith, N., Ostrom, W., Way, B., Lentz, S., Anderson, S., Baumgartner, M., Plueddemann, A., & Edson, J. (1997). Coastal mixing and optics experiment: mooring deployment cruise report R/V Oceanus cruise number 284 31 July-11 August 1996. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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