Red Sea Outflow Experiment (REDSOX) : DLD2 RAFOS float data report February 2001 - March 2003

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Furey, Heather H.
Bower, Amy S.
Fratantoni, David M.
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Gulf of Aden
Western Indian Ocean
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Marginal sea overflow
Indian Ocean
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Knorr (Ship : 1970-) Cruise KN162-11
Maurice Ewing (Ship) Cruise EW110
This is the final data report of all acoustically tracked second-generation Deep Lagrangian Drifter (DLD2) RAFOS float data collected by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 2001-2003 during the Red Sea Outflow Experiment (REDSOX). The float component of REDSOX was comprised of two deployments on the R/V Knorr and R/V Ewing: the first in February-March 2001, with 26 floats, and the second in August-September 2001, with 27 floats. The isobaric floats were ballasted for 650 decibars to target the intermediate-depth, high-salinity outflow waters from the Red Sea. The objectives of the Lagrangian float study were (1) to identify the spreading pathways of the equilibrated Red Sea outflow, and to quantify the velocities and eddy variability typical of this outflow and of the background oceanic environment in the Gulf of Aden, and (2) to identify and describe the mesoscale processes which contribute to the seaward transport of Red Sea Overflow Water properties through the Gulf of Aden and into the western Indian Ocean. In addition to floats activated and launched during the two cruises, four time-series sites were chosen for dual-release float moorings. The dual-release floats were released every two months between cruises and every two months after the second cruise, with the final release in March 2002. A pirate attack on the R/V Ewing forced some modification of the float deployment plan during the second cruise.
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Furey, H. H., Bower, A. S., & Fratantoni, D. M. (2005). Red Sea Outflow Experiment (REDSOX): DLD2 RAFOS float data report February 2001 - March 2003. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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