Boundary current experiment I & II, RAFOS float data report, 1994-1997

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Hunt, Heather D.
Bower, Amy S.
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Deep Western Boundary Current
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Deep Western Boundary Current
North Atlantic Circulation
Endeavor (Ship: 1976-) Cruise BOUNCE I
Endeavor (Ship: 1976-) Cruise BOUNCE II
This is the final data report of all RAFOS (acoustically tracked) float data collected during the 1994-1997 Boundary Current Experiment (BOUNCE) study of the Deep Western Boundary Current (DWBC) in the North Atlantic Ocean. The overall objective of the program was to obtain the first comprehensive description of the North Atlantic DWBC's variability over a large path segment from Cape Hatteras to the Grand Banks. The experiment was comprised of CTD, tracer, and RAFOS float observations to achieve both Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions of the DWBC. The three main objectives of the Lagrangian float study were 1) to determine fluid parcel pathways in the DWBC and identify regions of exchange with the interior, 2) to estimate the mean speed and variabilty of fluid parcels at two different levels in the DWBC, and 3) to study the kinematics and potential vorticity dynamics of fluid parcels in the DWBC at the Gulf Stream cross-over point near Cape Hatteras. Thirty floats were deployed: 15 were designed to be isopycnal floats, and 15 were isobaric floats. The isopycnal floats were ballasted for the 0, = 27.73 density surface (approximately 800 decibars (db)) to seed the Upper Labrador Sea Water. The isobaric floats were ballasted for 3000 db to seed the Nordic Seas overflow water.
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Hunt, H. D., & Bower, A. S. (1998). Boundary current experiment I and II, RAFOS float data report, 1994-1997. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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