Gridded hydrography and bulk air-sea interactions observed by the Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) Coastal Pioneer New England Shelf Mooring Array (2015-2022)

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70.889°W to 70.771°W in longitude and 39.936°N to 40.367°N in latitude
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Bulk Air-Sea interactions
Mooring time series
OOI Coastal Pioneer Array
Ocean Observatory Initiative
Southern New England Shelfbreak
Mid-Atlantic Bight
The Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) Coastal Pioneer Mooring Array recorded hydrographic, meteorological, and bulk air-sea flux variables at a variety of moorings across the Southern New England shelfbreak front between late 2014 and November 2022. Here, we provide low-level quality-controlled one- to two-dimensional time series datasets from all OOI Coastal Pioneer Moorings on a uniform spatio-temporal grid, covering the timeframe 2015-01-01 to 2022-06-01. Hydrography data (temperature T, salinity S, pressure P, and potential density (p=0)) is either provided as i) one-dimensional time series or ii) two-dimensional pressure-time data series: i) The static surface buoys, near-surface instrument frames (NSIF), and multi-function bottom nodes (MFBN) of all three surface moorings cover the surface and bottom boundary layer, respectively, and lead to one-dimensional time series at roughly constant pressure levels. ii) The mid-range water column is covered by the Array’s profiler moorings leading to interpolated two-dimensional data varying across pressure and time. Meteorological variables (wind at 3m height, sea level pressure, sea surface humidity, shortwave and longwave radiation, and precipitation) are measured by the three surface buoys. Remaining air-sea buoyancy fluxes are inferred from bulk formulae using COARE3.5 (Edson et al., 2013). The input data is published on the OOI Data Explorer ERDDAP server ( and publicly available for download upon registration. The Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) is a major facility fully funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Cooperative Agreement No. 1743430 and comes with its own conditions for data usage (; May 13, 2022).
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