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  • Article
    A numerical study of onshore ripple migration using a Eulerian two-phase model
    (American Geophysical Union, 2020-12-29) Salimi‐Tarazouj, Ali ; Hsu, Tian-Jian ; Traykovski, Peter A. ; Cheng, Zhen ; Chauchat, Julien
    A new modeling methodology for ripple dynamics driven by oscillatory flows using a Eulerian two‐phase flow approach is presented in order to bridge the research gap between near‐bed sediment transport via ripple migration and suspended load transport dictated by ripple induced vortices. Reynolds‐averaged Eulerian two‐phase equations for fluid phase and sediment phase are solved in a two‐dimensional vertical domain with a k‐ε closure for flow turbulence and particle stresses closures for short‐lived collision and enduring contact. The model can resolve full profiles of sediment transport without making conventional near‐bed load and suspended load assumptions. The model is validated with an oscillating tunnel experiment of orbital ripple driven by a Stokes second‐order (onshore velocity skewed) oscillatory flow with a good agreement in the flow velocity and sediment concentration. Although the suspended sediment concentration far from the ripple in the dilute region was underpredicted by the present model, the model predicts an onshore ripple migration rate that is in very good agreement with the measured value. Another orbital ripple case driven by symmetric sinusoidal oscillatory flow is also conducted to contrast the effect of velocity skewness. The model is able to capture a net offshore‐directed suspended load transport flux due to the asymmetric primary vortex consistent with laboratory observation. More importantly, the model can resolve the asymmetry of onshore‐directed near‐bed sediment flux associated with more intense boundary layer flow speed‐up during onshore flow cycle and sediment avalanching near the lee ripple flank which force the onshore ripple migration.
  • Article
    Eulerian two-phase model reveals the importance of wave period in ripple evolution and equilibrium geometry
    (American Geophysical Union, 2021-06-24) Salimi‐Tarazouj, Ali ; Hsu, Tian-Jian ; Traykovski, Peter A. ; Chauchat, Julien
    The evolution of ripple geometries and their equilibrium states due to different wave forcing parameters are investigated by a Reynolds-averaged two-phase model, SedFoam, in a two-dimensional domain. Modeled ripple geometries, for a given uniform grain diameter, show a good agreement with ripple predictors that include the wave period effect explicitly, in addition to the wave orbital excursion length (or wave orbital velocity amplitude). Furthermore, using a series of numerical experiments, the ripple's response to a step-change in the wave forcing is studied. The model is capable of simulating “splitting,” “sliding,” “merging,” and “protruding” as the ripples evolve to a new equilibrium state. The model can also simulate the transition to sheet flow in energetic wave conditions and ripple reformation from a nearly flat bed condition. Simulation results reveal that the equilibrium state is such that the “primary” vortices reach half of the ripple length. Furthermore, an analysis of the suspended load and near-bed load ratio in the equilibrium state indicates that in the orbital ripple regime, the near-bed load is dominant while the suspended load is conducive to the ripple decaying regime (suborbital ripples) and sheet flow condition.