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  • Article
    Reflective imaging improves spatiotemporal resolution and collection efficiency in light sheet microscopy
    (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-11-13) Wu, Yicong ; Kumar, Abhishek ; Smith, Corey ; Ardiel, Evan L. ; Chandris, Panagiotis ; Christensen, Ryan ; Rey-Suarez, Ivan ; Guo, Min ; Vishwasrao, Harshad D. ; Chen, Jiji ; Tang, Jianyong ; Upadhyaya, Arpita ; La Riviere, Patrick J. ; Shroff, Hari
    Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) enables high-speed, high-resolution, and gentle imaging of live specimens over extended periods. Here we describe a technique that improves the spatiotemporal resolution and collection efficiency of LSFM without modifying the underlying microscope. By imaging samples on reflective coverslips, we enable simultaneous collection of four complementary views in 250 ms, doubling speed and improving information content relative to symmetric dual-view LSFM. We also report a modified deconvolution algorithm that removes associated epifluorescence contamination and fuses all views for resolution recovery. Furthermore, we enhance spatial resolution (to <300 nm in all three dimensions) by applying our method to single-view LSFM, permitting simultaneous acquisition of two high-resolution views otherwise difficult to obtain due to steric constraints at high numerical aperture. We demonstrate the broad applicability of our method in a variety of samples, studying mitochondrial, membrane, Golgi, and microtubule dynamics in cells and calcium activity in nematode embryos.
  • Article
    Virtual finger boosts three-dimensional imaging and microsurgery as well as terabyte volume image visualization and analysis
    (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-07-11) Peng, Hanchuan ; Tang, Jianyong ; Xiao, Hang ; Bria, Alessandro ; Zhou, Jianlong ; Butler, Victoria ; Zhou, Zhi ; Gonzalez-Bellido, Paloma T. ; Oh, Seung W. ; Chen, Jichao ; Mitra, Ananya ; Tsien, Richard W. ; Zeng, Hongkui ; Ascoli, Giorgio A. ; Iannello, Giulio ; Hawrylycz, Michael ; Myers, Eugene ; Long, Fuhui
    Three-dimensional (3D) bioimaging, visualization and data analysis are in strong need of powerful 3D exploration techniques. We develop virtual finger (VF) to generate 3D curves, points and regions-of-interest in the 3D space of a volumetric image with a single finger operation, such as a computer mouse stroke, or click or zoom from the 2D-projection plane of an image as visualized with a computer. VF provides efficient methods for acquisition, visualization and analysis of 3D images for roundworm, fruitfly, dragonfly, mouse, rat and human. Specifically, VF enables instant 3D optical zoom-in imaging, 3D free-form optical microsurgery, and 3D visualization and annotation of terabytes of whole-brain image volumes. VF also leads to orders of magnitude better efficiency of automated 3D reconstruction of neurons and similar biostructures over our previous systems. We use VF to generate from images of 1,107 Drosophila GAL4 lines a projectome of a Drosophila brain.