Research in MC&G ranges from the glacial history of the Antarctic ice sheet and the formation of surface films in the upper micron of the ocean to the cycling of carbon through various ocean reservoirs, the history of ocean circulation recorded in the growth bands of coral, and the role of hydrothermal vents and seawater-rock interactions on the composition of the oceans.

Recent Submissions

  • Using maximum entropy production to describe microbial biogeochemistry over time and space in a meromictic pond 

    Vallino, Joseph J.; Huber, Julie A. (Frontiers Media, 2018-10-01)
    Determining how microbial communities organize and function at the ecosystem level is essential to understanding and predicting how they will respond to environmental change. Mathematical models can be used to describe ...
  • Radium isotopes as tracers of boundary inputs of nutrients and trace elements to the coastal and open ocean 

    Kipp, Lauren (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2018-09)
    Nutrients and trace metals are vital for supporting life in the ocean, but the boundary processes that control the distributions of these elements are poorly constrained. Radium isotopes are well suited to studying inputs ...
  • Biogeochemical and phylogenetic signals of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic microbial metabolisms 

    Gruen, Danielle S. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2018-09)
    Life is ubiquitous in the environment and an important mediator of Earth’s carbon cycle, but quantifying the contribution of microbial biomass and its metabolic fluxes is difficult, especially in spatially and temporally-remote ...
  • Organic carbon aging during across‐shelf transport 

    Bao, Rui; Uchida, Masao; Zhao, Meixun; Haghipour, Negar; Montlucon, Daniel B.; McNichol, Ann P.; Wacker, Lukas; Hayes, John M.; Eglinton, Timothy I. (John Wiley & Sons, 2018-08-22)
    Compound‐specific radiocarbon analysis was performed on different grain‐size fractions of surficial sediments to examine and compare lateral transport times (LTTs) of organic carbon. 14C aging of long‐chain leaf wax fatty ...
  • Projected impacts of future climate change, ocean acidification, and management on the US Atlantic sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) fishery 

    Rheuban, Jennie E.; Doney, Scott C.; Cooley, Sarah R.; Hart, Deborah R. (Public Libary of Science, 2018-09-21)
    Ocean acidification has the potential to significantly impact both aquaculture and wild-caught mollusk fisheries around the world. In this work, we build upon a previously published integrated assessment model of the US ...
  • Methane production in the waters off Walvis Bay 

    Scranton, Mary I.; Farrington, John W. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1978-09)
    Nine stations were occupied in the vicinity of Walvis Bay, Namibia, during a detailed study of the distribution of methane in this highly productive coastal environment. The principal features of the observed coastal ...
  • Report A, chemical oceanographic data from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman 

    Brewer, Peter G.; Fleer, Alan P.; Kadar, Susan; Smith, Clarence L. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1978-05)
    During February and March of 1977 a major geochemical, biological and geophysical survey of the Persian Gulf and adjacent waters was carried out on R/V ATLANTIS II, Cruise 93, Legs 17 and 18. It is the purpose of this ...
  • Targeted metabolomics reveals proline as a major osmolyte in the chemolithoautotroph Sulfurimonas denitrificans 

    Götz, Florian; Longnecker, Krista; Kido Soule, Melissa C.; Becker, Kevin W.; McNichol, Jesse C.; Kujawinski, Elizabeth B.; Sievert, Stefan M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2018-02-09)
    Chemoautotrophic bacteria belonging to the genus Sulfurimonas in the class Campylobacteria are widespread in many marine environments characterized by redox interfaces, yet little is known about their physiological ...
  • Experimental investigation on the controls of clumped isotopologue and hydrogen isotope ratios in microbial methane 

    Gruen, Danielle S.; Wang, David T.; Könneke, Martin; Topçuoğlu, Begüm D; Stewart, Lucy C.; Goldhammer, Tobias; Holden, James F.; Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe; Ono, Shuhei (2018-06-14)
    The abundance of methane isotopologues with two rare isotopes (e.g., 13CH3D) has been proposed as a tool to estimate the temperature at which methane is formed or thermally equilibrated. It has been shown, however, that ...
  • Innovative nitrogen sensor maps the North Pacific oxygen minimum zone 

    McNeil, Craig L.; D'Asaro, Eric A.; Reed, Andrew; Altabet, Mark A.; Bourbonnais, Annie; Beaverson, Chris (The Oceanography Society, 2018-03)
  • Biogeochemical exploration of the Pescardero Basic vents 

    Michel, Anna P. M.; Wankel, Scott D.; Beaulieu, Stace E.; Soule, Samuel A.; Mullineaux, Lauren S.; Coleman, Dwight; Escobar Briones, Elva; Gaytan-Caballero, Adriana; McDermott, Jill M.; Mills, Susan W.; Speth, Dan; Zierenberg, Robert (The Oceanography Society, 2018-03)
  • Exploration of the Northern Guaymas Basin 

    Soule, Samuel A.; Seewald, Jeffrey S.; Wankel, Scott D.; Michel, Anna P. M.; Beinart, Roxanne A.; Escobar Briones, Elva; Morales Dominguez, Esmerelda; Girguis, Peter R.; Coleman, Dwight; Raineault, Nicole A.; Wagner, Jamie K.S.; Foulk, Aubrey; Bagla, Anshika; Karson, Jeffrey A. (The Oceanography Society, 2018-03)
  • Colony formation in Phaeocystis antarctica : connecting molecular mechanisms with iron biogeochemistry 

    Bender, Sara J.; Moran, Dawn M.; McIlvin, Matthew R.; Zheng, Hong; McCrow, John P.; Badger, Jonathan; DiTullio, Giacomo R.; Allen, Andrew E.; Saito, Mak A. (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2018-08-21)
    Phaeocystis antarctica is an important phytoplankter of the Ross Sea where it dominates the early season bloom after sea ice retreat and is a major contributor to carbon export. The factors that influence Phaeocystis colony ...
  • Radium isotopes across the Arctic Ocean show time scales of water mass ventilation and increasing shelf inputs 

    Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M.; Kipp, Lauren; Charette, Matthew A.; Moore, Willard S.; Black, Erin E.; Stimac, Ingrid; Charkin, Alexander; Bauch, Dorothea; Valk, Ole; Karcher, Michael; Krumpen, Thomas; Casacuberta, Nuria; Smethie, William M.; Rember, Robert (John Wiley & Sons, 2018-07-13)
    The first full transarctic section of 228Ra in surface waters measured during GEOTRACES cruises PS94 and HLY1502 (2015) shows a consistent distribution with maximum activities in the transpolar drift. Activities in the ...
  • Millennial soil retention of terrestrial organic matter deposited in the Bengal Fan 

    French, Katherine L.; Hein, Christopher J.; Haghipour, Negar; Wacker, Lukas; Kudrass, Hermann; Eglinton, Timothy I.; Galy, Valier (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-08-10)
    The abundance of organic carbon (OC) in vegetation and soils (~2,600 PgC) compared to carbon in the atmosphere (~830 PgC) highlights the importance of terrestrial OC in global carbon budgets. The residence time of OC in ...
  • The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 

    Schlitzer, Reiner; Anderson, Robert F.; Dodas, Elena Masferrer; Lohan, Maeve C.; Geibert, Walter; Tagliabue, Alessandro; Bowie, Andrew R.; Jeandel, Catherine; Maldonado, Maria T.; Landing, William M.; Cockwell, Donna; Abadie, Cyril; Abouchami, Wafa; Achterberg, Eric P.; Agather, Alison; Aguliar-Islas, Ana; van Aken, Hendrik M.; Andersen, Morten; Archer, Corey; Auro, Maureen E.; Baar, Hein J. W. de; Baars, Oliver; Baker, Alex R.; Bakker, Karel; Basak, Chandranath; Baskaran, Mark; Bates, Nicholas R.; Bauch, Dorothea; van Beek, Pieter; Behrens, Melanie K.; Black, Erin E.; Bluhm, Katrin; Bopp, Laurent; Bouman, Heather; Bowman, Katlin; Bown, Johann; Boyd, Philip; Boye, Marie; Boyle, Edward A.; Branellec, Pierre; Bridgestock, Luke; Brissebrat, Guillaume; Browning, Thomas; Bruland, Kenneth W.; Brumsack, Hans-Jürgen; Brzezinski, Mark A.; Buck, Clifton S.; Buck, Kristen N.; Buesseler, Ken O.; Bull, Abby; Butler, Edward; Cai, Pinghe; Cámara Mor, Patricia; Cardinal, Damien; Carlson, Craig; Carrasco, Gonzalo; Casacuberta, Nuria; Casciotti, Karen L.; Castrillejo, Maxi; Chamizo, Elena; Chance, Rosie; Charette, Matthew A.; Chaves, Joaquin E.; Cheng, Hai; Chever, Fanny; Christl, Marcus; Church, Thomas M.; Closset, Ivia; Colman, Albert S.; Conway, Tim M.; Cossa, Daniel; Croot, Peter L.; Cullen, Jay T.; Cutter, Gregory A.; Daniels, Chris; Dehairs, Frank; Deng, Feifei; Dieu, Huong Thi; Duggan, Brian; Dulaquais, Gabriel; Dumousseaud, Cynthia; Echegoyen-Sanz, Yolanda; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Ellwood, Michael J.; Fahrbach, Eberhard; Fitzsimmons, Jessica N.; Flegal, A. Russell; Fleisher, Martin Q.; van de Flierdt, Tina; Frank, Martin; Friedrich, Jana; Fripiat, Francois; Fröllje, Henning; Galer, Stephen J. G.; Gamo, Toshitaka; Ganeshram, Raja S.; Garcia-Orellana, Jordi; Garcia Solsona, Ester; Gault-Ringold, Melanie; George, Ejin; Gerringa, Loes J. A.; Gilbert, Melissa; Godoy, Jose Marcus; Goldstein, Steven L.; Gonzalez, Santiago; Grissom, Karen; Hammerschmidt, Chad R.; Hartman, Alison; Hassler, Christel; Hathorne, Ed C.; Hatta, Mariko; Hawco, Nicholas J.; Hayes, Christopher T.; Heimbürger, Lars-Eric; Helgoe, Josh; Heller, Maija Iris; Henderson, Gideon M.; Henderson, Paul B.; van Heuven, Steven; Ho, Peng; Horner, Tristan J.; Hsieh, Yu-Te; Huang, Kuo-Fang; Humphreys, Matthew P.; Isshiki, Kenji; Jacquot, Jeremy E.; Janssen, David J.; Jenkins, William J.; John, Seth; Jones, Elizabeth M.; Jones, Janice L.; Kadko, David; Kayser, Rick; Kenna, Timothy C.; Khondoker, Roulin; Kim, Taejin; Kipp, Lauren; Klar, Jessica K.; Klunder, Maarten; Kretschmer, Sven; Kumamoto, Yuichiro; Laan, Patrick; Labatut, Marie; Lacan, Francois; Lam, Phoebe J.; Lambelet, Myriam; Lamborg, Carl H.; le Moigne, Frederique; Le Roy, Emilie; Lechtenfeld, Oliver J.; Lee, Jong-Mi; Lherminier, Pascale; Little, Susan; López-Lora, Mercedes; Lu, Yanbin; Masque, Pere; Mawji, Edward; McClain, Charles R.; Measures, Christopher I.; Mehic, Sanjin; Menzel Barraqueta, Jan-Lukas; Merwe, Pier van der; Middag, Rob; Mieruch, Sebastian; Milne, Angela; Minami, Tomoharu; Moffett, James W.; Moncoiffe, Gwenaelle; Moore, Willard S.; Morris, Paul J.; Morton, Peter L.; Nakaguchi, Yuzuru; Nakayama, Noriko; Niedermiller, John; Nishioka, Jun; Nishiuchi, Akira; Noble, Abigail E.; Obata, Hajime; Ober, Sven; Ohnemus, Daniel C.; van Ooijen, Jan; O'Sullivan, Jeanette; Owens, Stephanie A.; Pahnke, Katharina; Paul, Maxence; Pavia, Frank; Pena, Leopoldo D.; Peters, Brian; Planchon, Frederic; Planquette, Helene; Pradoux, Catherine; Puigcorbé, Viena; Quay, Paul D.; Queroue, Fabien; Radic, Amandine; Rauschenberg, Sara; Rehkämper, Mark; Rember, Robert; Remenyi, Tomas A.; Resing, Joseph A.; Rickli, Joerg; Rigaud, Sylvain; Rijkenberg, Micha J. A.; Rintoul, Stephen R.; Robinson, Laura F.; Roca-Martí, Montserrat; Rodellas, Valenti; Roeske, Tobias; Rolison, John M.; Rosenberg, Mark; Roshan, Saeed; Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M.; Ryabenko, Evgenia; Saito, Mak A.; Salt, Lesley; Sanial, Virginie; Sarthou, Geraldine; Schallenberg, Christina; Schauer, Ursula; Scher, Howie; Schlosser, Christian; Schnetger, Bernhard; Scott, Peter M.; Sedwick, Peter N.; Semiletov, Igor P.; Shelley, Rachel U.; Sherrell, Robert M.; Shiller, Alan M.; Sigman, Daniel M.; Singh, Sunil Kumar; Slagter, Hans; Slater, Emma; Smethie, William M.; Snaith, Helen; Sohrin, Yoshiki; Sohst, Bettina M.; Sonke, Jeroen E.; Speich, Sabrina; Steinfeldt, Reiner; Stewart, Gillian; Stichel, Torben; Stirling, Claudine H.; Stutsman, Johnny; Swarr, Gretchen J.; Swift, James H.; Thomas, Alexander; Thorne, Kay; Till, Claire P.; Till, Ralph; Townsend, Ashley T.; Townsend, Emily; Tuerena, Robyn; Twining, Benjamin S.; Vance, Derek; Velazquez, Sue; Venchiarutti, Celia; Villa-Alfageme, Maria; Vivancos, Sebastian M.; Voelker, Antje H. L.; Wake, Bronwyn; Warner, Mark J.; Watson, Ros; van Weerlee, Evaline; Weigand, M. Alexandra; Weinstein, Yishai; Weiss, Dominik; Wisotzki, Andreas; Woodward, E. Malcolm S.; Wu, Jingfeng; Wu, Yingzhe; Wuttig, Kathrin; Wyatt, Neil; Xiang, Yang; Xie, Ruifang C.; Xue, Zichen; Yoshikawa, Hisayuki; Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Pu; Zhao, Ye; Zheng, Linjie; Zheng, Xin-Yuan; Zieringer, Moritz; Zimmer, Louise A.; Ziveri, Patrizia; Zunino, Patricia; Zurbrick, Cheryl (Elsevier, 2018-06-01)
    The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 (IDP2017) is the second publicly available data product of the international GEOTRACES programme, and contains data measured and quality controlled before the end of 2016. The ...
  • A phytoplankton model for the allocation of gross photosynthetic energy including the trade‐offs of diazotrophy 

    Nicholson, David P.; Stanley, Rachel H. R.; Doney, Scott C. (John Wiley & Sons, 2018-06-18)
    Gross photosynthetic activity by phytoplankton is directed to linear and alternative electron pathways that generate ATP, reductant, and fix carbon. Ultimately less than half is directed to net growth. Here we present a ...
  • An autonomous, in situ light-dark bottle device for determining community respiration and net community production 

    Collins, James R.; Fucile, Paul D.; McDonald, Glenn; Ossolinski, Justin E.; Keil, Richard G.; Valdes, James R.; Doney, Scott C.; Van Mooy, Benjamin A. S. (2018-03)
    We describe a new, autonomous, incubation-based instrument that is deployed in situ to determine rates of gross community respiration and net community production in marine and aquatic ecosystems. During deployments at ...
  • Sulfur isotopes in rivers : insights into global weathering budgets, pyrite oxidation, and the modern sulfur cycle 

    Burke, Andrea; Present, Theodore M.; Paris, Guillaume; Rae, Emily C. M.; Sandilands, Brodie H.; Gaillardet, Jerome; Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Bernhard; Fischer, Woodward W.; McClelland, James W.; Spencer, Robert G. M.; Voss, Britta M.; Adkins, Jess F. (2018-05)
    The biogeochemical sulfur cycle is intimately linked to the cycles of carbon, iron, and oxygen, and plays an important role in global climate via weathering reactions and aerosols. However, many aspects of the modern budget ...
  • Alkenones as a promising green alternative for waxes in cosmetics and personal care products 

    McIntosh, Kyle; Smith, Amber; Young, Lisa K.; Leitch, Michael A.; Tiwari, Amit K.; Reddy, Christopher M.; O’Neil, Gregory W.; Liberatore, Matthew W.; Chandler, Mark; Baki, Gabriella (MDPI AG, 2018-06-05)
    The move toward green, sustainable, natural products has been growing in the cosmetic and personal care industry. Ingredients derived from marine organisms and algae are present in many cosmetic products. In this study, a ...

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