Advances in Sample Preparation at the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility (NOSAMS): Investigation of Carbonate Secondary Standards

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Cruz, Anne J.
Childress, Laurel B.
Gagnon, Alan R.
McNichol, Ann P.
Burton, Joshua R.
Elder, Kathryn L.
Lardie Gaylord, Mary C.
Gospodinova, Kalina D.
Hlavenka, Joshua
Kurz, Mark D.
Longworth, Brett E.
Roberts, Mark L.
Trowbridge, Nan Y.
Walther, Tess
Xu, Li
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Standard Methods
Carbonate Acidification
Ramped PyrOx
Picarro Isotope Analyzer
Sample Preparation
The development of robust sample preparation techniques for ocean science research has been a hallmark of NOSAMS since its inception. Improvements to our standard methods include reducing the minimum size of the samples we can analyze, building modular graphite reactors of different sizes that we can swap in and out depending on our sample stream, and modifying our carbonate acidification methods to improve handling of the smaller samples we now receive. A relatively new instrument, the Ramped PyrOx, which allows the separation of organic matter into thermal fractions, has attracted much interest as a research and development tool. We will also discuss our progress on incorporating a Picarro isotope analyzer into our sample preparation options.
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