A cartographical perspective to the engineering works at the Sulina mouth, the Danube Delta

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Constantinescu, Stefan
Giosan, Liviu
Vespremeanu-Stroe, A.
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A cartographical perspective to the engineering works at the Sulina mouth
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Black Sea
European Commission of Danube
From 1856 to 1939, the European Commission of the Danube (ECD), was responsible for technical surveys at the mouth of Sulina arm. During this period, ECD prepared general maps of Danube Delta as well as detailed charts for all the Danube mouths: Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe (St. George) that were published in various reports or atlases. ECD used a local grid network benchmarked at Sulina, divided in 500 feet units. The reference point was the old lighthouse located on the right bank of Danube. After the Second World War, the Romanian authorities elaborated new cartographical products using the Gauss‐Kruger projection or Stereo‐70 like national grid. Our goal is to generate a cartographical background database necessary for refining the coastal evolution model of the Sulina mouth. To handle the large number of available maps, we chose GeoNetwork like a solution for catalog service, indexing and defining metadata. The service is operating at geo‐spatial.org.
Author Posting. © The Author(s), 2010. This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of Akadémiai Kiadó for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica 45 (2010): 71-79, doi:10.1556/AGeod.45.2010.1.11.
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