Biological, chemical and radiochemical studies of marine plankton

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Plankton populations
Marine plankton
Chemical oceanography
From the introduction: Since the last progress report and research proposal was submitted to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission we have completed seven cruises on which the primary objectives were the study of the biology, chemistry and radiochemistry of marine plankton populations. As in the past, our program of plankton research has been jointly sponsored by the Atomic Energy Commission, by grants from the National Science Foundation, by contract with the Office of Naval Research and by Institution funds. Of the seven cruises mentioned above, three included a complete hydrographic and zooplankton collecting section of 13 - 15 stations extending from Montauk Point to the vicinity of Bermuda; one occupied the first third of this section extending across the continental shelf to the Gulf Stream, and three were for the purposes of specialized studies.
Originally issued as Reference No. 61-6, series later renamed WHOI-
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Ketchum, B. H. (1961). Biological, chemical and radiochemical studies of marine plankton. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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