Biological & Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office : a domain-specific repository for oceanographic data from around the world [poster]

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Ake, Hannah
Biddle, Matt
Copley, Nancy
Kinkade, Danie
Rauch, Shannon
Saito, Mak A.
Shepherd, Adam
Switzer, Megan
Wiebe, Peter
York, Amber
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The Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) is a domain-specific digital data repository that works with investigators funded under the National Science Foundation’s Division of Ocean Sciences and Office of Polar Programs to manage their data free of charge. Data managers work closely with investigators to satisfy their data sharing requirements and to develop comprehensive Data Management Plans, as well as to ensure that their data will be well described with extensive metadata creation. Additionally, BCO-DMO offers tools to find and reuse these high-quality data and metadata packages, and services such as DOI generation for publication and attribution. These resources are free for all to discover, access, and utilize. As a repository embedded in our research community, BCO-DMO is well positioned to offer knowledge and expertise from both domain trained data managers and the scientific community at large. BCO-DMO is currently home to more than 9000 datasets and 900 projects, all of which are or will be submitted for archive at the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). Our data holdings continue to grow, and encompass a wide range of oceanographic research areas, including biological, chemical, physical, and ecological. These data represent cruises and experiments from around the world, and are managed using community best practices, standards, and technologies to ensure accuracy and promote re-use. BCO-DMO is a repository and tool for investigators, offering both ocean science data and resources for data dissemination and publication.
Presented at AGU Ocean Sciences, 11 - 16 February 2018, Portland, OR
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