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  • Technical Report
    Deployment of the northern fish cage and mooring, University of New Hampshire — Open Ocean Aquaculture Program summer 2000
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2000-09) Irish, James D. ; Paul, Walter ; Ostrom, William M. ; Chambers, Michael ; Fredriksson, David W. ; Stommel, Matt
    The University of New Hampshire - Open Ocean Aquaculture (UNH-OOA) program has worked for the past few years on developing the technology to deploy and maintain fish cages in open, exposed northern waters. In June 1999, two Sea Station octagonal net cages by Ocean Spar Technologies were deployed with their UNH designed and constructed moorings. In June 2000 the Northern Cage and its mooring were retrieved, examined and repaired , and readied for redeployment. This was a complex operation, initiated by a team of UNH ocean engineers lead by Dr. Barbaros Celikkol. This year's effort was expanded with the addition of a Program Manager (Michael Chambers), the Fishing Vessel Nobska, and researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). During the week of 21 to 25 August 2000, the cage and mooring were assembled and deployed at the UNH-OOA site seven miles offshore the New Hampshire coast, south of the Isle of Shoals. This collaborative effort involved members of the UNH Mechanical Engineering Dept., UNH divers, members of the WHOI Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Dept. and the Captain and crew of the FV Nobska. Ship support for the deployment was provided by the R/V Gulf Challenger and Galen J. (UNH) and the FV Nobska (a 100 foot fishing vessel based at Woods Hole, MA). The work was favored by light wind and sea conditions. The endeavor resulted in the successful placement of the North Cage and its complex mooring system with load cells and environmental sensors. Unexpected and unexplained tangling of the mooring system, in particular near its grid corner points, was encountered and corrected.