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  • Technical Report
    Fallout nuclides in Atlantic and Pacific water columns : GEOSECS data
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1985-05) Livingston, Hugh D. ; Bowen, Vaughan T. ; Casso, Susan A. ; Volchok, H. L. ; Noshkin, V. E. ; Wong, K. M. ; Beasley, T. M.
    This report contains results of measurements of the fallout radionuclides 90Sr, 137Cs , 239,240Pu , and 241Am in large volume seawater samples collected between 1972 and 1974 in the Atlantic and Pacific as part of Geochemical Ocean Sections (GEOSECS) program. The stations for which data are reported include both the North and South Atlantic oceans and latitudes north of 20° S in the Pacific Ocean. The 90Sr and 137Cs data set has been corrected by a procedure which estimates independently the analytical blank for the laboratory which made the analysis. When the data quality and spacing permit, water column inventory estimates were made for each nuclide over depth intervals appropriate to the nuclide's distribution.