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    Role of C4 carbon fixation in Ulva prolifera, the macroalga responsible for the world's largest green tides
    (Nature Research, 2020-09-07) Liu, Dongyan ; Ma, Qian ; Valiela, Ivan ; Anderson, Donald M. ; Keesing, John K. ; Gao, Kunshan ; Zhen, Yu ; Sun, Xiyan ; Wang, Yujue
    Most marine algae preferentially assimilate CO2 via the Calvin-Benson Cycle (C3) and catalyze HCO3− dehydration via carbonic anhydrase (CA) as a CO2-compensatory mechanism, but certain species utilize the Hatch-Slack Cycle (C4) to enhance photosynthesis. The occurrence and importance of the C4 pathway remains uncertain, however. Here, we demonstrate that carbon fixation in Ulva prolifera, a species responsible for massive green tides, involves a combination of C3 and C4 pathways, and a CA-supported HCO3− mechanism. Analysis of CA and key C3 and C4 enzymes, and subsequent analysis of δ13C photosynthetic products showed that the species assimilates CO2 predominately via the C3 pathway, uses HCO3− via the CA mechanism at low CO2 levels, and takes advantage of high irradiance using the C4 pathway. This active and multi-faceted carbon acquisition strategy is advantageous for the formation of massive blooms, as thick floating mats are subject to intense surface irradiance and CO2 limitation.