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    Deletion in chromosome 6 spanning alpha-synuclein and multimerin1 loci in the Rab27a/b double knockout mouse
    (Nature Research, 2022-06-14) Pattanayak, Rudradip ; Underwood, Rachel ; Crowley, Michael R. ; Crossman, David K. ; Morgan, Jennifer R. ; Yacoubian, Talene A.
    We report an incidental 358.5 kb deletion spanning the region encoding for alpha-synuclein (αsyn) and multimerin1 (Mmrn1) in the Rab27a/Rab27b double knockout (DKO) mouse line previously developed by Tolmachova and colleagues in 2007. Western blot and RT-PCR studies revealed lack of αsyn expression at either the mRNA or protein level in Rab27a/b DKO mice. PCR of genomic DNA from Rab27a/b DKO mice demonstrated at least partial deletion of the Snca locus using primers targeted to exon 4 and exon 6. Most genes located in proximity to the Snca locus, including Atoh1, Atoh2, Gm5570, Gm4410, Gm43894, and Grid2, were shown not to be deleted by PCR except for Mmrn1. Using whole genomic sequencing, the complete deletion was mapped to chromosome 6 (60,678,870–61,037,354), a slightly smaller deletion region than that previously reported in the C57BL/6J substrain maintained by Envigo. Electron microscopy of cortex from these mice demonstrates abnormally enlarged synaptic terminals with reduced synaptic vesicle density, suggesting potential interplay between Rab27 isoforms and αsyn, which are all highly expressed at the synaptic terminal. Given this deletion involving several genes, the Rab27a/b DKO mouse line should be used with caution or with appropriate back-crossing to other C57BL/6J mouse substrain lines without this deletion.