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    Interdisciplinary study of warm core ring physics, chemistry, and biology
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1981-03) Kester, Dana R. ; Flierl, Glenn R. ; McCarthy, James J. ; Schink, David R. ; Wiebe, Peter H. ; Joyce, Terrence M. ; Backus, Richard H. ; Cowles, Timothy J.
    We are conducting an interdisciplinary study of the structure and dynamics of Gulf Stream \Warm Core Rings by a time series investigation of selected rings. This program consists of highly integrated components which include physical, chemical, and biological investigation and modeling studies. These components are designed to provide information on the structure of rings and exchange mechanisms at ring boundaries, on their marine chemistry, and on the environmental controls of biological activity of selected constituents associated with Warm Core Rings. This research is being conducted by approximately two dozen investigators from thirteen marine institutions. An interdisciplinary program of the scope proposed is required in order to understand the interdependence among biological, chemical, and physical processes in the ocean. This study of the structure and evolution of Warm Core Rings will enhance the understanding of fundamental oceanic processes and the role of rings in the region where they occur.