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    A GeoHealth call to action: moving beyond identifying environmental injustices to co‐creating solutions
    (American Geophysical Union, 2022-10-21) Hoffman‐Hall, Amanda ; Gorris, Morgan E. ; Anenberg, Susan ; Bredder, A. E. ; Dhaliwal, J. K. ; Diaz, Melissa A. ; Fortner, Sarah K. ; McAdoo, B. G. ; Reano, Darryl ; Rehr, Rebecca C. ; Roop, Heidi A. ; Zaitchik, Benjamin F.
    As marginalized communities continue to bear disproportionate impacts from environmental hazards, we urgently call for researchers and institutions to elevate the principles of Environmental Justice. The American Geophysical Union (AGU) GeoHealth section supports members' engagement in health‐related community‐engaged and community‐led transdisciplinary research. We highlight intersectional research that provides examples and actions for both individuals and organizations on community science and trust building, removing barriers created by scientific agency priorities and career expectations, and opportunities in education and policy. Justice does not start or end at one meeting; this is ongoing work that is active, evolving, and an ethical responsibility of AGU's membership.