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  • Technical Report
    CTD observations on the North Brazil shelf during A Multidisciplinary Amazon Shelf SEDiment Study (AMASSEDS) : November 1991
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1992-06) Limeburner, Richard ; Soares, Ivan Dias ; Candela, Julio ; Beardsley, Robert C.
    Hydrograhic (CTD) and acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) observations were made on the North Brazil shelf adjacent to the mouth of the Amazon River during R/V Iselin cruise I9113 November 5-25, 1991 as part of A Multidisciplinary Amazon Shelf SEDiment Study (AMASSEDS). These observations were obtained during a large-scale survey on Leg 3 in support of geological and geochemical sampling, and during a frontal zone survey on Leg 4 consisting of 14 and 26 hourly CTD casts at anchored stations. The maximum sampling depth at each station was within two meters of the bottom. The primary objectives of the AMASSEDS hydrographic meaurement program were (a) to observe and characterize the temperature, salinity, density, oxygen, fluorescence and light transmission fields and their spatial variabilty on the north Brazilian shelf directly influenced by the Amazon River discharge, (b) to resolve the seaward extent and vertical structure of the surface plume of low salinity Amazon River water during different stages of river discharge, (c) to describe the spatial structure of the turbidity and associated suspended sediment distributions across the shelf, (d) to chacterize the properties of the Amazon shelf water beneath the surface plume and their seasonal variabilty, and (e) to describe the landward penetration of the North Brazil Current with respect to water properties and shelf currents. This report represents a summary in graphic and tabular form of the hydrograhic observations made during the fourth AMASSEDS cruise (I9113) on the R/V Iselin.