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    What is what in the ice and the ocean?
    ( 2005-01-25) Rousseau, D.-D. ; Kukla, G. ; McManus, Jerry F.
    The recently released North Greenland Ice core Project (NGRIP) data document several rapid, abrupt climate changes affecting the Northern Hemisphere in the last 110,000 years. In particular, the new core shows high-resolution succession of expressed warm and cold episodes, which occurred during substages of marine isotope stage MIS 5d. Some of these variations were reported earlier from the GISP2 and GRIP ice cores. In the NGRIP core, following the Intimate group recommendations, the oscillations were given labels, which are in part the same as in the marine isotope system of deep-sea sediments, but which in part are obviously not coeval. Here we recommend honoring the originally published marine designations to the maximum extent possible, but distinguishing them by a prefix referring to their recognition in the ice.