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    Association of cesarean delivery and formula supplementation with the intestinal microbiome of 6-week-old infants
    (American Medical Association, 2016-01-11) Madan, Juliette C. ; Hoen, Anne G. ; Lundgren, Sara N. ; Farzan, Shohreh F. ; Cottingham, Kathryn L. ; Morrison, Hilary G. ; Sogin, Mitchell L. ; Li, Hongzhe ; Moore, Jason H. ; Karagas, Margaret R.
    The intestinal microbiome plays a critical role in infant development, and delivery mode and feeding method (breast milk vs formula) are determinants of its composition. However, the importance of delivery mode beyond the first days of life is unknown, and studies of associations between infant feeding and microbiome composition have been generally limited to comparisons between exclusively breastfed and formula-fed infants, with little consideration given to combination feeding of both breast milk and formula.