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  • Article
    WHOI SDSL data-link project—ethernet telemetry through sea cables
    (American Meteorological Society, 2017-01-23) Swartz, Marshall ; Torres, Daniel J. ; Liberatore, Stephen P. ; Millard, Robert C.
    A data telemetry technique for communicating over standard oceanographic sea cables that achieves a nearly 100-fold increase in bandwidth as compared to traditional systems has been recently developed and successfully used at sea on board two Research Vessel (R/V) Atlantis cruises with an 8.5-km, 0.322-in.-diameter three-conductor sea cable. The system uses commercially available modules to provide Ethernet connectivity through existing sea cables, linking serial and video underwater instrumentation to the shipboard user. The new method applies Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) communications technology to undersea applications, greatly increasing the opportunities to use scientific instrumentation from existing ships and sea cables at minimal cost and without modification.
  • Technical Report
    Western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions Experiment : processing and calibration of moored profiler data from the Beaufort Shelf Edge mooring array
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2006-12) Fratantoni, Paula S. ; Zimmermann, Sarah ; Pickart, Robert S. ; Swartz, Marshall
    A high-resolution mooring array was deployed at the edge of the continental shelf in the Beaufort Sea as a part of the western Arctic Shelf-Basin Interactions Program, a multidisciplinary experiment that was designed to study the communication between the continental shelf and interior basin. Eight moorings were positioned along a section crossing the shelfbreak and upper slope in two consecutive year-long deployments, spanning the period August 2002 through September 2004. Seven of the eight moorings housed conductivity/temperature/depth moored profilers that sampled 2-4 times per day, amassing close to 3000 profiles during the two-year study period. This report documents the collection, calibration, and quality control of this moored profiler data.