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    Methods for obtaining and handling marine eggs and embryos
    (Marine Biological Laboratory, 1971) Costello, Donald P. ; Henley, Catherine
    From the Preface: The Introduction to the first edition of this book (1957) (see page viii) stated that the volume was admittedly incomplete, and that new methods for obtaining, handling and studying marine eggs and embryos would undoubtedly be forthcoming. This prediction has been abundantly borne out in the intervening 14 years, and a complete revision of the book is clearly called for. A major re-writing is now (June, 1971) in progress. However, steadily continuing sales have resulted in the first edition going out of print, and it seemed advisable to re-issue it, with certain minor changes, as a stopgap measure, pending the major re-writing in progress. In the interim, it is appropriate here to point out some of the newer sources of information now available, and to note a few of the advances which have been made since 1957.