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    SeaView : bringing together an ocean of data
    (The Oceanography Society, 2018-02-09) Stocks, Karen ; Diggs, Stephen ; Olson, Christopher ; Pham, Anh ; Arko, Robert A. ; Shepherd, Adam ; Kinkade, Danie
    The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) supports a comprehensive information management system for data collected by OOI assets, providing access to a wealth of new information for scientists. But what of those wishing to access data from the region of an OOI research array that is not from OOI assets, perhaps to look at longer term trends from before the launch of OOI, or to build a larger regional context? Despite the excellent work of ocean data repositories, finding, accessing, understanding, and reformatting data for use in a desired visualization or analysis tool remains challenging, especially when data are held in multiple repositories.