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    Microstructural and biochemical characterization of the nanoporous sucker rings from Dosidicus gigas
    ( 2008-11-24) Miserez, Ali ; Weaver, James C. ; Pedersen, Peter B. ; Schneeberk, Todd ; Hanlon, Roger T. ; Kisailus, David ; Birkedal, Henrik
    Recent interest in the development of environmentally benign routes to the synthesis of novel multifunctional materials has resulted in numerous investigations into structure-function relationships of a wide range of biological systems at the ultrastructural, micromechanical, and biochemical levels. While much of this research has concentrated on mineralized structures such as bone, mollusk shells sponge spicules and echinoderm ossicles, there is an equally broad range of animals whose skeletal structures are devoid of mineral components.One such group, the squids (Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea), are remarkable in several aspects. In addition to having an exceptionally well developed brain, sensory systems and skin (for adaptive coloration), these swift agile predators have eight flexible strong arms, two fast extensible tentacles, and strong malleable suckers, all of which are muscular hydrostats.