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    Iron supplementation does not worsen respiratory health or alter the sputum microbiome in cystic fibrosis
    ( 2013-10) Gifford, Alex H. ; Alexandru, Diana M. ; Li, Zhigang ; Dorman, Dana B. ; Moulton, Lisa A. ; Price, Katherine E. ; Hampton, Thomas H. ; Sogin, Mitchell L. ; Zuckerman, Jonathan B. ; Parker, H. Worth ; Stanton, Bruce A. ; O'Toole, George A.
    Iron supplementation for hypoferremic anemia could potentiate bacterial growth in the cystic fibrosis (CF) lung, but clinical trials testing this hypothesis are lacking. Twenty-two adults with CF and hypoferremic anemia participated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of ferrous sulfate 325 mg daily for 6 weeks. Iron-related hematologic parameters, anthropometric data, sputum iron, Akron Pulmonary Exacerbation Score (PES), and the sputum microbiome were serially assessed. Fixed-effect models were used to describe how ferrous sulfate affected these variables. Ferrous sulfate increased serum iron by 22.3% and transferrin saturation (TSAT) by 26.8% from baseline (p < 0.05) but did not affect hemoglobin, sputum iron, Akron PES, and the sputum microbiome. Low-dose ferrous sulfate improved hypoferremia without correcting anemia after 6 weeks. We did not observe significant effects on sputum iron, Akron PES, and the sputum microbiome. Although we did not identify untoward health effects of iron supplementation, a larger blinded randomized controlled trial would be needed to fully demonstrate safety.