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  • Technical Report
    Methodology for sampling and analysis of lipids in aerosols from the remote marine atmosphere
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984-04) Peltzer, Edward T. ; Alford, Jame B. ; Gagosian, Robert B.
    A procedure is described for the collection of remote marine aerosol samples by high-volume filtration, cascade impaction, dry fallout collection and rain. Samples were analyzed quantitatively for five classes of naturally occurring lipids (n-alkanes, wax esters, fatty alcohols, sterols, and fatty acids) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Air samples (4,000-10,000 m3) were collected on glass fiber filters under automatic control. Rain samples of 1-5 L were collected on an event basis. Filters and rain samples were extracted with methylene chloride. The extracts were fractionated into discrete chemical classes by silca-gel absorption chromatography. The fractions were derivatized if necessary and analyzed by HRGC and HRGC/MS. A second fiter extraction was required for fatty acid salt analysis. Internal standards were used to quantify recoveries and concentrations. Mean recoveries relative to the internal standards were 96.5% for C12-C36 n-alkanes, 96.4% for C12-C30 n-fatty acids, 92.5% for C12-C30 n-fatty alcohols and 93.3% for cholesterol. Typical blanks and concentrations for remote marine aerosol and rain samples are described and compared with other methods used in coastal marine, rural and suburban sampling locations.