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    Obelin mutants as reporters in bioluminescent dual-analyte binding assay
    (RSC Publishing, 2012-11-29) Krasitskaya, Vasilisa V. ; Kudryavtsev, Alexander N. ; Shimomura, Osamu ; Frank, Ludmila A.
    Two obelin mutants distinctly different in the color of bioluminescence were successfully applied to simultaneous detection of two analytes in a single well. The flash-type signals were triggered by single injection of Ca2+ and were discriminated by the spectral and time resolutions. The technique was developed in a high-throughput format, and applied to simultaneous immunoassay of two gonadotropic hormones – luteinizing (lutropin or hLH) and follicle stimulating (hFSH) – in clinical sera, and to simultaneous detection of two gene allelic variants at single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping of the human F5 gene encoding factor V Leiden polymorphism 1691 G/A (R506Q). A considerable number of samples were investigated and the results obtained were in good correlation with those obtained by using traditional techniques.