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    Scientific results of the "Nautilus" Expedition, 1931 : under the command of Capt. Sir Hubert Wilkins. Parts I to III
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1933-03) Sverdrup, Harald U. ; Soule, Floyd M.
    In 1930 Sir Hubert Wilkins announced his plan for exploring the Polar Sea by submarine. Thanks to the courtesy of the U. S. Navy Department and the U. S. Shipping Board the submarine 0 12 was placed at his disposal and the constructor of this vessel, Mr. Simon Lake, undertook to rebuild it and make it suitable for travelling underneath the Arctic pack-ice. After rebuilding the submarine was in the spring of 1931 named Nautilus. ... The expedition did not reach its goal and the scientific results are, therefore; small as compared to what had been hoped for. But we have shown that an extensive scientific program can be carried out under the conditions onboard a submarine, and it is hoped that the following papers will add to our knowledge of the region which was visited.