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  • Technical Report
    Instrumentation for open ocean aquaculture monitoring
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2001-10) Irish, James D. ; Carroll, Megan ; Singer, Robin C. ; Newhall, Arthur E. ; Paul, Walter ; Johnson, Craig ; Witzell, Nick ; Rice, Glen ; Fredriksson, David W.
    The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is assisting the University of New Hampshire by instrumenting a fish cage and mooring as part of their Open Ocean Aquaculture demonstration program in the Gulf of Maine. To understand these systems, the wave and current forcing and the response of the mooring and fish cage needs to be measured. A UNH mooring with an ADCP measured the current forcing. Tension in the mooring lines was measured by load cells deployed with the mooring during servicing in August 2000. Load cells were placed in each anchor line, and, in the NE corner, also in the two grid lines and the riser line to the fish cage. Low power recording systems were deployed on the load cell mounting bars by divers on 22 October 2000, recorded good data through January 2001, when they were turned around and redeployed. Three single load cell recorders were recovered in July 2001 and recorded though 23 June when their data storage filled. The four load cell system was recovered in March after a large winter storm, and had failed in early March. The wave forcing was measured with a wave rider buoy with a 3-axis accelerometer measuring its motion. The acceleration was integrated twice to obtain wave displacement. The system mooring contained a compliant elastic. The wave rider was deployed on 4 January 2001 and recovered on 17 March 2001 after a major Northeast storm. It recorded data throughout its deployment. The motion of the moored fish cage was measured by a motion package constructed around a 6-axis Motion-Pak and a PC-104 data system. The motion package was deployed on the fish cage from Jan into March 2001 and recorded motions thoughout without difficuly. It observed a major storm in early March where the counter weight was lost from the fish cage, and its increase in motion thereafter.