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  • Technical Report
    The 1974 ALVIN dives on Corner Rise and New England seamounts
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1977-02) Heirtzler, James R. ; Taylor, P. T. ; Ballard, Robert D. ; Houghton, Robert L.
    During the summer of 1974 an ALVIN dive was made on Corner Rise, and Nashville, Gilliss, Rehoboth, Manning, Balanus and Mytilus Seamounts. The principal characteristics of the topography, sediments and rocks were observed and recorded.
  • Technical Report
    Station locations for Atlantis II-73, Atlantis II-77, and Knorr-42 cruises and ALVIN dive tracks in the FAMOUS area
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1977-02) Heirtzler, James R. ; Hays, Helen C.
    Lists and positions of stations on cruises ATLANTIS II-73, ATLANTIS II-77, KNORR-42 and ALVIN dives on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge during Project FAMOUS are given. Station lists include those for camera, water temperature, rock drill, dredges, heat flow and coring. The location of these stations are shown on 12 charts.