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  • Technical Report
    A large-volume, deep-sea submersible pumping system
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1989-11) Sachs, Peter L. ; Hammar, Terence R. ; Bacon, Michael P.
    Eight self-contained, in-situ pumps have been used effectively and routinely by our group for the past six years to collect both particulate and dissolved phases from large volumes of sea water. Multiple pumps are rapidly and easily deployed on the same wire, to any ocean depth, in almost any weather. Each is capable of drawing up to 200 liters per hour through four large Nuclepore™ filters, then through three cartridge filters. Pumping is controlled by a Sharp™ pocket computer suitably interfaced with the pump motor and flow meter. Endurance is about 15 hours. Total flow and flow rate are recorded, respectively, by a mechanical flow meter and the computer.
  • Technical Report
    A modified wire clamp system for thirty-liter Niskin bottles
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1988-11) Hammar, Terence R. ; Sachs, Peter L. ; Bacon, Michael P.
    A modified clamping system for 30-liter Niskin bottles, consisting of a wire stop, a socket block, and a toggle clamp, has been designed and has been tested at sea. The modified system makes deployment and recovery of the Niskin bottles considerably easier than it is with the standard clamps .