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    Syn-eruptive hydration of volcanic ash records pyroclast-water interaction in explosive eruptions
    (American Geophysical Union, 2021-11-15) Hudak, Michael R. ; Bindeman, Ilya N. ; Loewen, Matthew W. ; Giachetti, Thomas
    Magma-water interaction can dramatically influence the explosivity of volcanic eruptions. However, syn- and post-eruptive diffusion of external (non-magmatic) water into volcanic glass remains poorly constrained and may bias interpretation of water in juvenile products. Hydrogen isotopes in ash from the 2009 eruption of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska, record syn-eruptive hydration by vaporized glacial meltwater. Both ash aggregation and hydration occurred in the wettest regions of the plume, which resulted in the removal and deposition of the most hydrated ash in proximal areas <50 km from the vent. Diffusion models show that the high temperatures of pyroclast-water interactions (>400°C) are more important than the cooling rate in facilitating hydration. These observations suggest that syn-eruptive glass hydration occurred where meltwater was entrained at high temperature, in the plume margins near the vent. Ash in the drier plume interior remained insulated from entrained meltwater until it cooled sufficiently to avoid significant hydration.