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  • Technical Report
    Cruise Report W-132 : scientific activities undertaken aboard the SSV Westward, Miami - Jamaica - Roatan - Miami, 24 March 1994 -30 April 1994
    (SEA Education Association, 1994-04) Prager, Ellen J.
    On the 24th of March 1994, a company of 22 students arrived at the Port of Miami to board the SSV Westward for a 6-week journey into the warm waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea. Their adventure was not only in the places which were travelled, but through the experience of life at sea working aboard a sailing vessel, and in learning first hand about the practical realities of scientific study of the sea. The biological and physical properties of the ocean were visually revealed rather than through theory prescribed by a textbook. The geologic nature of the sea floor, became not only a topic for interested study, but an important factor to examine during anchoring and navigating the vessel.
  • Technical Report
    Cruise Report W-134A : scientific activities undertaken aboard the SSV Westward, Woods Hole, MA - Woods Hole, MA, 5 August 1994 - 14 August 1994
    (SEA Education Association, 1994-08) Prager, Ellen J.
    This cruise report provides an outline of the scientific and academic activities conducted aboard the SSV Westward during cruise W-134A in the summer of 1994. Included within this document are a list of participants, the final cruise track, a complete listing of sampling stations, and a summary of the results from group research projects. This report is not intended as a final analysis or interpretation of the data generated during W-134A.