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    Seafloor character and sedimentary processes in eastern Long Island Sound and western Block Island Sound
    ( 2005-07-26) Poppe, Lawrence J. ; DiGiacomo-Cohen, M. L. ; Smith, Shepard M. ; Stewart, H. F. ; Forfinski, N. A.
    Multibeam bathymetric data and seismic-reflection profiles collected in eastern Long Island and western Block Island Sounds reveal previously unrecognized glacial features and modern bedforms. Glacial features include an ice-sculptured bedrock surface, a newly identified recessional moraine, exposed glaciolacustrine sediments, and remnants of stagnant-ice-contact deposits. Modern bedforms include fields of transverse sand waves, barchanoid waves, giant scour depressions, and pockmarks. Bedform asymmetry and scour around obstructions indicate that net sediment transport is westward across the northern par of the study area near Fishers Island and eastward across the southern par near Great Gull Island.