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  • Technical Report
    ARPA rock drill report
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1975-06) Davis, Ray E. ; Williams, David L. ; von Herzen, Richard P.
    This report outlines the development and capabilities of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Rock Core Drill. The Rock Drill is shown to provide a relatively inexpensive means of recovering oriented bottom rock samples from the oceanic crust for magnetic and petrochemical studies. It is completely self-contained and capable of recovering 1 m long, 3/4-inch diameter, rock cores from depths to 4000 m. Most efficient deployment is from a surface vessel, but with sufficient modification it is capable of being safely transported by a DSRV.
  • Technical Report
    Technical progress report : advanced marine technology 1 February 1973 - 31 July 1973
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1973-12-01) Ballard, Robert D. ; Maxwell, Arthur Eugene ; Davis, Ray E. ; Eliason, Andrew H. ; Hess, Frederick R. ; McCamis, Marvin J. ; McElroy, Paul T. ; Marquet, William M. ; von Herzen, Richard P. ; Williams, David L. ; Winget, Clifford L.
    This report covers a period which finds several of the projects nearing completion. It is expected that the next semi-annual report should contain final technical reports on Submerged navigation, Hydraulic Impact Hammer, Deep Sea Rock Drill and the Shelf Contained Ancillary Modular Package (SCAMP). It is possible that extensive testing and use of SCAMP will not take place until next year. The responsibility for these worthwhile equipments then shifts to the users, who in most cases has been intimately involved in the development. The Submerged Navigation system continues to attract much attention both within and without the Institution. Delays in the fitting and testing of ALVIN in the Titanium hull configuration has slowed the field work with ARPA developed equipment bu the next six months should contain considerable work.
  • Technical Report
    Technical progress report : advanced marine technology 1 August 1972 - 31 January 1973
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1973-06-01) Aldrich, Thomas C. ; Maxwell, Arthur Eugene ; Bowin, Carl O. ; Luyendyk, Bruce P. ; Phillips, Joseph D. ; Hess, Frederick R. ; Vine, Allyn C. ; Ballard, Robert D. ; Marquet, William M. ; Porter, David L. ; McCamis, Marvin J. ; Winget, Clifford L. ; von Herzen, Richard P. ; Williams, David L.
    The work sponsored by ARPA at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is having an impact on efforts by those not directly involved in the projects both within and without the Institution. The navigation system being developed for submersible/mother ship has been recognized as a very useful system by members of the Geology/Geophysics Department and the Department of Physical Oceanography. Each department is now developing their own system based on the work already completed by the Ocean Engineering Department under the ARPA contact. Through the ARPA contract ComPhibLant (specifically ComPhibRonTen) was shown some of the advantages of doing something new about small boat and heavy object handling at sea and this program is expected to have some direct effect upon methods they will use in the future. Although the project concerned with developing biological equipment for deep sea work has not continued as part of the ARPA program, the seed was succssfully sown and several items are being developed at the Institution under separate funding. All the projects continued at a fair pace but not without some problems. The Deep Sea Rock Drill had some minor setbacks during operations with ALVIN, and the Air-Sea System (Long Range Ech-Ranging) project was hampered by a faulty engine aboard the air craft. Summaries of progress are given immediately below and more detail is available in the individual reports further on.
  • Technical Report
    Technical progress report : advanced marine technology 1 February 1972 - 31 July 1972
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1973-02-28) Aldrich, Thomas C. ; Maxwell, Arthur Eugene ; Ballard, Robert D. ; Bowin, Carl O. ; Luyendyk, Bruce P. ; McCamis, Marvin J. ; Phillips, Joseph D. ; Porter, David L. ; Vine, Allyn C. ; Teal, John M. ; Marquet, William M. ; Winget, Clifford L. ; von Herzen, Richard P. ; Williams, David L.
    The two extremes of the program in this six month period were the Submerged Navigation System which was demonstrated to be a successful field system, and the near Bottom Continuous Gravity System, which was priced out of the market by the acceleration characteristics of ALVIN. In all the other subjects discussed in summary immediately below and in more detail further on, satisfactory progress was made. Again aircraft scheduling has held up further work on the Air Sea Systems project, but there is definite hope for some aircraft tiem in the fall. The Development of Equipment for Deep Sea Biological Research has been terminiated as of the beginning of this report.