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    Axial morphology along the Southern Chile Rise
    ( 2012-06) Blackman, Donna K. ; Appelgate, B. ; German, Christopher R. ; Thurber, Andrew R. ; Henig, A. S.
    Morphology of four spreading segments on the southern Chile Rise is described based on multi-beam bathymetric data collected along the axial zones. The distribution of axial volcanoes, the character of rift valley scarps, and the average depths vary between Segment 1 in the south, terminating at the Chile Triple Junction, and Segment 4 in the north, which are separated by three intervening transform faults. Despite this general variability, there is a consistent pattern of clockwise rotation of the southern-most axial volcanic ridge within each of Segments 2, 3, and 4, relative to the overall trend of the rift valley. A combination of local ridge-transform intersection stresses and regional tectonics may influence spreading axis evolution in this sense.