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  • Technical Report
    Thermoconvective eddies in air : application to meteorology
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1939) Avsec, Dusan ; Ronne, Carl A.
    The object of the present work is a study thermoconvective eddies in a layer of air heated uniformly from below. Being given the importance that these eddies present in meteorlogical phenomena, we have tried to attain three principal objectives: 1. To realize systematic experiments on thermoconvective eddies in air under thicknesses exceeding considerably the scale generally employed by preceding experimenters; 2. To verify experimentally the practical value of the numerical results deriving from the theory of thermoconvective eddies; 3. To complete, by the results acquired in the course of our researches in the laboratory, the theory of thermoconvective eddies in the free atmosphere.