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    Modeling the Total Allowable Area for Coastal Reclamation : a case study of Xiamen, China
    ( 2013-03) Peng, Benrong ; Lin, Chenchen ; Jin, Di ; Rao, Huanhuan ; Jiang, Yuwu ; Liuc, Yan
    This paper presents an analytical framework to estimate the Total Allowable Area for Coastal Reclamation (TAACR) to provide scientific support for the implementation of a coastal reclamation restriction mechanism. The logic of the framework is to maximize the net benefits of coastal reclamation subject to a set of constraints. Various benefits and costs, including the ecological and environmental costs of coastal reclamation, are systematically quantified in the framework. Model simulations are developed using data from Tongan Bay of Xiamen. The results suggest that the TAACR in Tongan Bay is 5.67 km2, and the area of the Bay should be maintained at least at 87.52 km2.
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    Ecological damage compensation for coastal sea area uses
    ( 2013-11) Rao, Huanhuan ; Lin, Chenchen ; Kong, Hao ; Jin, Di ; Peng, Benrong
    Rapid economic growth has resulted in significant ecological degradation in many coastal areas in China. Control measures involving Marine Ecological Damage Compensation (MEDC) have been introduced to curb unsustainable development. The study presents a practical framework for developing the MEDC standard. The standard considers spatial variation in ecological services and includes many different types of ocean uses that are common in coastal waters around the world.We illustrate the framework and specific procedures through a case study of Xiamen. Results of our calculation show that damages from many ocean uses to the ecosystems are not adequately compensated under current management regime, and a carefully designed MEDC standard is crucial for sustainable development.