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    Strategies for and barriers to collaboratively developing anti‐racist policies and resources as described by geoscientists of color participating in the unlearning racism in Geoscience (URGE) program
    (American Geophysical Union, 2023-02-17) Burton, Carlene ; Duran, Gabriel ; Wright, Vashan ; Chmiel, Rebecca
    The Unlearning Racism in Geosciences (URGE) program guides groups of geoscientists as they draft, implement, and assess anti‐racist policies and resources for their workplace. Some participating Geoscientists of Color (GoC) shared concerns about microaggression, tokenism, and power struggles within their groups. These reports led us to collect and analyze data that describe the experiences of GoC in URGE. The data are from five discussion groups and two surveys. Our analyses revealed that participating GoC want to continue working with White colleagues on anti‐racist work. GoC want White colleagues not to shy away from doing anti‐racist work. Instead, GoC want White colleagues (a) to create and adhere to robust behavioral codes of conduct, (b) to focus discussions on anti‐racism, (c) to act on anti‐racism initiatives, (d) not to prompt GoC to educate them or reveal trauma, and (e) to refrain from microaggressions and tokenism. These desired outcomes were achieved in some groups with varying degrees of success. Correcting a history of mistrust relating to racism and anti‐racism action is key to implementing and assessing effective anti‐racist policies and resources. This requires leadership support, following through on anti‐racism action, and deepening relationships between GoC and White colleagues. Future anti‐racist programs should spend a substantial amount of time on and demonstrate the importance of training participants how to discuss racism effectively and how to create and adhere to robust behavioral codes of conduct. Future programs should also explore developing a robust program‐wide code of conduct that includes a policy for reporting offenses.