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    The Earth BioGenome Project 2020: starting the clock
    (National Academy of Sciences, 2022-01-18) Lewin, Harris A. ; Richards, Stephen ; Miguel L. Allende ; Lieberman Aiden, Erez ; Archibald, John M. ; Bálint, Miklós ; Barker, Katharine B. ; Baumgartner, Bridget ; Belov, Katherine ; Bertorelle, Giorgio ; Blaxter, Mark ; Cai, Jing ; Caperello, Nicolette D. ; Carlson, Keith ; Castilla-Rubio, Juan Carlos ; Chaw, Shu-Miaw ; Chen, Lei ; Childers, Anna K. ; Coddington, Jonathan ; Conde, Dalia A. ; Corominas, Montserrat ; Crandall, Keith A. ; Crawford, Andrew J. ; DiPalma, Federica ; Durbin, Richard ; Ebenezer, ThankGod E. ; Edwards, Scott V. ; Fedrigo, Olivier ; Flicek, Paul ; Formenti, Giulio ; Gibbs, Richard A. ; Gilbert, M. Thomas P. ; Goldstein, Melissa M. ; Graves, Jennifer Marshall ; Greely, Henry T. ; Grigoriev, Igor V. ; Hackett, Kevin J. ; Hall, Neil ; Haussler, David ; Helgen, Kristofer M. ; Hogg, Carolyn J. ; Isobe, Sachiko ; Jakobsen, Kjetill S. ; Janke, Axel ; Jarvis, Erich ; Johnson, Warren E. ; Jones, Steven J. M. ; Karlsson, Elinor K. ; Kersey, Paul J. ; Kim, Jin-Hyoung ; Kress, W. John ; Kuraku, Shigehiro ; Lawniczak, Mara K. N. ; Leebens-Mack, James H. ; Li, Xueyan ; Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin ; Liu, Xin ; Lopez, Jose V. ; Marques-Bonet, Tomas ; Mazard, Sophie ; Mazet, Jonna A. K. ; Mazzoni, Camila J. ; Myers, Eugene ; O’Neill, Rachel J. ; Paez, Sadye ; Park, Hyun ; Robinson, Gene E. ; Roquet, Cristina ; Ryder, Oliver A. ; Sabir, Jamal S. M. ; Shaffer, H. Bradley ; Shank, Timothy M. ; Sherkow, Jacob S. ; Soltis, Pamela S. ; Tang, Boping ; Tedersoo, Leho ; Uliano-Silva, Marcela ; Wang, Kun ; Wei, Xiaofeng ; Wetzer, Regina ; Wilson, Julia L. ; Xu, Xun ; Yang, Huanming ; Yoder, Anne D. ; Zhang, Guojie
    November 2020 marked 2 y since the launch of the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), which aims to sequence all known eukaryotic species in a 10-y timeframe. Since then, significant progress has been made across all aspects of the EBP roadmap, as outlined in the 2018 article describing the project’s goals, strategies, and challenges (1). The launch phase has ended and the clock has started on reaching the EBP’s major milestones. This Special Feature explores the many facets of the EBP, including a review of progress, a description of major scientific goals, exemplar projects, ethical legal and social issues, and applications of biodiversity genomics. In this Introduction, we summarize the current status of the EBP, held virtually October 5 to 9, 2020, including recent updates through February 2021. References to the nine Perspective articles included in this Special Feature are cited to guide the reader toward deeper understanding of the goals and challenges facing the EBP.
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    Report of the 14th Genomic Standards Consortium Meeting, Oxford, UK, September 17-21, 2012
    (Genomic Standards Consortium, 2014) Davies, Neil ; Field, Dawn ; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A. ; Bicak, Mesude ; Bourlat, Sarah ; Coddington, Jonathan ; Deck, John ; Drummond, Alexei ; Gilbert, Jack A. ; Glockner, Frank Oliver ; Kottmann, Renzo ; Meyer, Chris ; Morrison, Norman ; Obst, Matthias ; Robbins, Robert J. ; Schriml, Lynn M. ; Sterk, Peter ; Stones-Havas, Steven
    This report summarizes the proceedings of the 14th workshop of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) held at the University of Oxford in September 2012. The workshop’s primary goal was to work towards the launch of the Genomic Observatories (GOs) Network under the GSC. For the first time, it brought together potential GOs sites, GSC members, and a range of interested partner organizations. It thus represented the first meeting of the GOs Network (GOs1). Key outcomes include the formation of a core group of “champions” ready to take the GOs Network forward, as well as the formation of working groups. The workshop also served as the first meeting of a wide range of participants in the Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) initiative, a first GOs action. Three projects with complementary interests – COST Action ES1103, MG4U and Micro B3 – organized joint sessions at the workshop. A two-day GSC Hackathon followed the main three days of meetings.