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  • Technical Report
    Measuring xCO₂ using the CAT/NDIR method system set up, calibration, maintenance and shutdown
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1994-02) Tracy, Maren E. ; Peltzer, Edward T. ; Goyet, Catherine
    Accurate measurement of partial pressure of CO2 in seawater is currently performed by measuring pC02 in an aliquot of a small volume of gas equilibrated with a large volume of the seawater to be measured. PC02 in the gas phase can be accurately measured either by gas chromatography or infra-red analysis. In order to minimize human labor to monitor pC02 in surface seawater we opted for the infra-red analysis which does not require a highly trained person and which can easily be automated. This report describes how we have designed and automated a system for continual surface seawater pC02 monitoring. It further indicates the necessary steps to set up, run, and maintain the system. With minor modifications this system can also be used to measure pC02 in discrete seawater samples. (Goyet et al., 1993)