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    Editorial: Oceanobs19: An ocean of opportunity
    (Frontiers Media, 2019-09-06) Speich, Sabrina ; Lee, Tong ; Muller-Karger, Frank E. ; Lorenzoni, Laura ; Pascual, Ananda ; Jin, Di ; Delory, Eric ; Reverdin, Gilles ; Siddorn, John ; Lewis, Marlon R. ; Marba, Nuria ; Buttigieg, Pier Luigi ; Chiba, Sanae ; Manley, Justin ; Kabo-Bah, Amos Tiereyangn ; Desai, Kruti ; Ackerman, Abby
    The OceanObs conferences are held once every 10 years for the scientific, technical, and operational communities involved in the planning, implementation, and use of ocean observing systems. They serve to communicate progress, promote plans, and to define advances in ocean observing in response to societies' needs. Each conference provides a forum for the community to review the state of the ocean observing science and operations, and to define goals and plans to achieve over the next decade.