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    Decadal weakening of abyssal South China Sea circulation
    (American Geophysical Union, 2022-10-10) Zhu, Yaohua ; Yao, Jingxin ; Li, Shujiang ; Xu, Tengfei ; Huang, Rui Xin ; Nie, Xunwei ; Pan, Haidong ; Wang, Yonggang ; Fang, Yue ; Wei, Zexun
    The global ocean mass has significantly changed during recent decades, which may induce changes in the abyssal ocean circulation. Due to the lack of in situ observations, the response of the abyssal South China Sea (SCS) circulation to ocean mass changes remains unclear. The ocean state estimate, Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO), provides the long‐term ocean mass changes in terms of ocean bottom pressure (OBP). Here we use the ECCO OBP data to quantify decadal changes in the abyssal SCS circulation and reveal a weakening trend. The OBP gradient trend manifests in forms of an anomalous anticyclonic circulation that is intensified by topographic effects along the continental slopes to reduce the existing abyssal circulation. The weakening abyssal circulation corresponds to the weakening Luzon Strait overflow that yields a decreasing vorticity budget in the abyssal SCS.