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  • Technical Report
    Concerning the structure of some cumulus clouds which penetrated the high tropical troposphere
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1954-03) Malkus, Joanne Starr ; Ronne, Claude
    Some extremely large oceanic trade-mind cumulonimbus clouds extending upwards of 40,000 ft. into a region of strong winds and intense vertical shear have been studied by means of time-lapse photography. A simultaneous still picture of the clouds taken a known distance and direction away from the motion pictures permits triangulation upon the clouds and calculation of the vertical and horizontal motions of several of the individual towers. By means of a nearby radiosonde observation, it is established that the air forming the strongest of these towers must have risen from near cloud base with little or no dilution of its buoyancy by mixing with the clear-air surroundings. The model of Malkus and Scorer (1954) concerning the erosion of cumulus towers is reviewed and tested upon these towers with satisfactory results. A minimum horizontal cloud dimension is apparently required for the production of undiluted towers. The horizontal motion of the clouds relative to the air is also estimated from the model and tested by the observations and the net upward transport of latent heat in water vapor is calculated approximately.
  • Technical Report
    Meteorological studies conducted by contract NONR 4071 (00) : final report
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1966-02) Ronne, Claude
    During April and August 1963 the Barbados Weather Modification Project made extensive use of whole-sky, time-lapse and conventional photography to investigate cloud and rain formation over tropical heat sources. These observations were made from land-based, ship-borne and aircraft stations. In July 1965 further photographic studies were carried out over the eastern Caribbean Sea to evaluate the effect of seeding cumulus clouds with silver iodide bombs.
  • Technical Report
    Cloud structure and distributions over the tropical Pacific : part II
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1961-08) Malkus, Joanne Starr ; Riehl, Herbert ; Ronne, Claude ; Gray, William S.
    This is the second part in three of an observational study of tropical oceanic clouds and their relation to the large-scale flow patterns. The first part appeared in preliminary form in 1959 in a volume entitled "Cloud Structure am.d Distributions over the Tropical Pacific. Part I", an unpublished Technical Report (Reference No.58-62) of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The four authors were the same as those of this report. In addition, a very brief summary of the work (by J. Malkus and C. Ronne) was published in Monograph No.5 of the American Geophysical Union in 1960. A review of the cloud code evolved during this program has been published by M. Alaka in the Bulletin of World Meteorological Organization for April, 1960. The basic material for this study consists of three photographic flights made during July and August 1957 on Military Air Transport (MATS) cargo aircraft flying on regular schedules between San Francisco and the Phillipines. The photographer was Claude Ronne of Woods Hole, accompanied by Joanne Malkus om. the third flight. The appropriate synoptic data were kindly collected by Prof. Colin Ramage of the University of Hawaii and were analyzed by Professor Riehl (then at the University of Chicago) and his colleague Mr. W.S.Gray. The first report described the purposes and methods of the inquiry and presented the results of the first trans-Pacific flight. This report is concerned primarily with the results of the Second flight. A third report on the last flight is planned later, as well as eventual publication of all three parts together. The part of the program reported here has been supported jointly by the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation.