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    An introduction and overview of the Bering Sea Project : volume IV
    ( 2016-08-18) Van Pelt, Thomas I. ; Napp, Jeffrey M. ; Ashjian, Carin J. ; Harvey, H. Rodger ; Lomas, Michael W. ; Sigler, Michael F. ; Stabeno, Phyllis J.
    The seasonal rhythm of sea-ice advance and retreat in the eastern Bering Sea (EBS) moves ice hundreds of kilometers across the broad continental shelf and exerts a powerful influence on the ecology of these waters. In winter, the combination of latitude, geology, winds, and ocean currents produces ice cover extending far into the southern Bering Sea. In the spring and summer, retreating ice, longer daylight hours, and nutrient-rich ocean water result in exceptionally high marine production, vital to both sea life and people. The intense burst of spring production, together with more episodic summer and early fall production, provides the energy that powers the complex food web and ultimately sustains nearly half of the US annual commercial fish landings, as well as providing food and cultural value to thousands of Bering Sea coastal and island residents.